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The Ninth

This house was the ninth assignment given to me at Herzing college. The goal of the project was to make a house with the only restriction being that it has to be done using SketchUp. To really give credit to the aesthetic of the design, Twinmotion was used to create stunning renders of the Project.

The Red Spot

Exhibition halls represent the cultural exchange and gathering of many different people and brings communities together. This project illustrates an alternative take on this idea and introduces some sustainable strategies to partner it. This project was completed using SketcUp, Revit and Twinmotion.

Frank House

Whenever I get some sort of inspiration I tend to draw a rough sketch of a building in a black book that I always carry with me. Frank house is a project that was inspired by the "house of tomorrow" concept of the 1960s and 1970s. This concept was created using Revit and Twinmotion.

The Green House

The purpose of this projects was to create a restaurant that not only projects a clean and minimalist environment but that also keeps sustainability in mind. This project was completed using SketchUp and Photoshop.

Gas Station

This gas station is the third project that was given to me at Herzing college using Revit. The following images represent the different plans and views for the gas station. This project was completed using only Revit. (the design of the gas station is from Herzing college) 

House of Sustainable Development Replica

The Purpose of this project was to make a 1/1 scale replica of The House of Sustainable Development using the original AutoCAD plans and SketchUp. 

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